29 April 2015

Where is every time traveler?

Perhaps nowhere, since they simply don’t exist, as time travel is impossible–but Einstein’s twin paradox (time dilatation, if you prefer) is nonetheless real. Notice that the time dilatation is not a proof of time travel; and that time travel and time dilatation are different questions. The first one is about whether time is similar to space in a certain sense, the second one is about what happens at very high speeds.
Obviously, time is a problematic field of modern physics. As far as we know, “the second law is the only fundamental law of physics that distinguishes between past and future” [Melanie Mitchell: A Guided Tour to the Complexity, p. 43]. Obviously, it has a kind of physical background, as the rise of entropy wouldn’t be possible without an early phase of high order (=Big Bang) but entropy’s concept is purely mathematical. I.e. in the case of the law of gravity, the gravitational force is inversely proportional to the square of distance–and this proportion cannot be deduced solely from the mathematical equations. But to understand the second law is enough to know that there are more ways to make disorder than order. What is to say, in this case there is no an additional physical law to determine the results over the logic of mathematics (opposite to gravitational law where there is a second “layer” over the mathematical description to determine that the connection between the distance and force is not, say, linear. By the way: if Newton’s law is two-layered (physics over math), then it is interesting question whether exist laws with tree, four etc. layer).
The second law creates the “time of arrow”. So since there is no any physical effect to modify its mathematics, time can be regarded as a result of the mathematics which is the basis of our time description.
British historian Arnold J. Toynbee said that history was regarded to be nothing but "one damned thing after another.” According to the logic of our argumentation, it is defendable that although time, using a kind of mathematical abstraction, can be represented as a dimension, in reality it is nothing more than “one damned thing after another”. So the meaning of travel in time is simply uninterpretable: It has no meaning at all, but it doesn’t exclude the time dilatation where according to the observers of a different frame, events follow slower each other if your speed is close to the speed of light.
Of course, it can be argued that it is a natural law that there is no an additional natural law over the level of mathematics in connection with entropy, and it can be asked why.

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